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Rishika'a Ramblings

and escape into the fandom...

11 March
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  • r_aggarwal@livejournal.com

This journal is SLASH FRIENDLY.

I've just recently started an lj account for myself. I anticipate my journal as being a place where I can post not only my fanfics, but also a place where I can ramble about topics that have caught my fancy at the particular moment.


I'm Indian, which you can probably see from my location. i'm a just legal college student who spends way too much time reading, and am completely clueless about what I plan to major in.

My greatest passion is reading - I'll just about anything - fiction, non-fiction, any genre you can think of. I collect books - and devour them - voraciously. I'm not what you'd call extremely social in real life, though i hope to change that. Don't let that little fact stop you from giving me a shout out if you find me interesting - once I get the time, I'll definitely reply.

Apart from fanfics, I also write original poetry and the occasional original short story, which are posted in my tumblr account. Visit it and look through my writings if you're interested - it's linked on my profile. A warning if you'r planning to do that though - I mainly use my tumblr for my original works, but the odd fandom related and random post will also be present. Like this lj account, my tumblr is also slash friendly.

I hope to become a published poet one day - and if I ever get around to working on the story ideas floating around in my head, a published author.

My interest in the fandom is not only limited to fanfics - I love discussions and analyzing of the "did you see/read that" moments in cannon, musings on characters/pairings, and particularly the phenomenon of fannon and non-cannon pairings.

I was once an insistent cannon believer - but fanfics have allowed me to diversify my interests to the points that most of my favourite pairings are non-cannon ones.