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Mar. 21st, 2013

Black Luck

for: hp_getlucky
Prompt: 102. Can there be too much of a good thing? He never thought he could be too lucky, that he would grow tired of it.
Prompt submitted by: p_for_polkadots
Pairing(s): Sirius/Remus
Word Count: 1820
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): None
Disclaimer:Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: To the mods: I know this is a few hours early, but I'm going to be without any source of internet apart from my phone for the next two weeks, and I wanted to get this posted.
Summary: Since I loved the scenario so much: Can there be too much of a good thing? He never thought he could be too lucky, that he would grow tired of it.

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Feb. 2nd, 2013

The Birth Of A Hero

For 12_stories
Prompt Table: #6 DARK
Prompt: #12 - BROKEN
Characters: Neville Longbottom

Neville realized that something was wrong the moment he got on to Platform 9 and three-quarters. The wizarding world was changing, that much had been evident for some time now, but he had never believed – neve dared o believe – that Hogwarts would change too. The school had always been free from the taint of fear that had slowly been invading the world since the end of his fourth year. Not even Umbridge had managed to bring the true war to Hogwarts, and there was no reason to believe that just because Dumbledore was dead, that would change.

But on the Platform that year, the fear and worry were so thick they were almost physical presences, even though there were no Muggleborns and barely any half-bloods present. He did not know what would be waiting for them upon their return to Hogwarts, but; judging by the gleeful looks on the faces of most of the Slytherins; it was not going to be good.

When Neville saw Snape – Snape, that filthy traitor who murdered Dumbledore! – at the Headmaster's seat, he knew that his worries had barely touched the tip of the iceburg.

There were new faces at the Head Table – the DADA Professor was expectedly new, but there was someone else there too. Probably the new Muggle Studies Professor, after Snape had murdered poor Professor Burbage. There was no doubt that Snape was behind the staffing decisions. He caught Ginny's eye, and he knew that she, at the very least, had realized the same thing that he had. There was absolutely no chance that those two weren't Death Eaters. And Death Eaters in charge of children, teaching DADA – he shuddered. This was going to be a bloodbath.

By the end of the first week of school, it was obvious that the term bloodbath had been rather mild. The school had quickly become a torture chamber, lightly concealed behind a veil of detentions. Students had already started to become numb to screams of those being subjected to Crucio sessions by the Professors Carrow. The atmosphere had changed drastically – the air was more silent than ever before, and there was barely any laughter heard in the halls. Even the Slytherins had become quieter. Neville doubted that they had ever known the harsh truth of the Death Eaters. Watching classmates being tortured in front of their eyes, being forced to torture classmates; this year had changed the Slytherins along with the rest of the school.

Everything had changed in one short week. It was as though something essential had been broken within the students, stealing all the rebellion and defiance from them. And Hogwarts was reacting to it, becoming as passive and hopeless as its inhabitants.

Neville decided to talk to Ginny and Luna as soon as possible. This had gone on long enough – it was time to bring the fight back to Hogwarts.

Dumbledore's Army was now recruiting.

Jan. 16th, 2013

The Ravenclaw

Fo 12_stories
Prompt Table: #6 DARK
Prompt: #2 - HURT
Characters: Cho Chang

She thinks that maybe, she screams. When she sees Cedric's body, she might have let out a bloodcurdling shriek. But she isn't very sure about that, not too sure at all.

The only thing she remembers clearly is feeling blank. Because Cedric – the boy she loves, the only one she'll ever love – is lying there in front of her, dead. And he's never coming back, is he?

She thinks that she may have done something, gone somewhere, over the summer. All she remembers is wishing Cedric was there, and alive, and with her. She spends the summer crying, but she never runs out of tears.

She finds that she cannot do the simplest of things – like play Quidditch, or read a book – without remembering Cedric, and breaking into fresh tears.

She doesn't really remember that summer at all.

She only remembers one thing, one true memory instead of a wish. Before she leaves for Hogwarts – and she can't breathe for a second, because it' whereCedricdied ndash; her mother catches a hold of her. 'Cho,' she remembers her saying, 'it's time you tried to move on. You. Are. Ravenclaw. You know that there is nothing that can change this situation – it's time you thought of changing yourself.'

For some reason, that sticks with her. She is Ravenclaw. She is logical and sensible – didn't Cedric tell her that that was part of what he loved about her? And her mother's right – she cannot change what has happened. But she can change herself. She can make herself stronger.

So even though she knows that she will not be able to move on quickly – may never be able to move on fully – she stops in front of the bathroom mirror before she leaves. She wipes away the tears on her face, does up her hair, and; for what is the first time in months; puts on a light layer of makeup.

After a summer of mourning, she finally forces a smile onto her face.

Maybe she can't move on, maybe she can't forget. But she can – and will – try.

Because she is Cho Chang. She is a Ravenclaw.

Jan. 12th, 2013


For 12_stories
Prompt Table: #3
Prompt: #8, Thanksgiving
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Harry watched him.

It was what had been termed the 'Thanksgiving Ball,' held on 3rd May. The 2nd was spent mourning, the 3rd celebrating life. And this, Draco Malfoy was finally in attendance.

It was a costume ball, and Malfoy was dressed in what was a perfect mirror for him, a rendition of the Black Lake. It had murky, undefined creatures swimming on his dress robes, which were a dark nay blue, the same colour as the depths of the Lake.

And just like the Lake had held his imagination after the Second Task, Malfoy had now captured Harry's thoughts.

Jan. 6th, 2013

A Year's Harvest, Chapter 3

Links to previous chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Also written for 12_stories, Table 3, Occasions, Winter


WINTER – Part 1

Harry woke up on Christmas day to pile of presents that was several times larger than anything he had ever received before. He knew that this was the effect of his defeat of Voldemort – it seemed as though almost every magical person in the British Isles seemed determined to reward him in any way possible.

Hermione had predicted this after the storm of owls on his birthday, and he had already advised all his close friends and family to either present their gifts to him in person or send them through someone else in the castle.

A Malfoy eagle owl flew through the dormitory window just as he was making his way down to the Great Hall for a late breakfast.


Get your ass down here. It's already 11. What exactly are you doing up there?


P.S – Don't mention yesterday. Granger has undoubtedly already told you that you aren't supposed to reply before next Christmas, but knowing you, I thought I'd include a second warning. Don't.

Also, my Christmas present for this year is not included in the presents I'm going to be giving you over the next year. Don't argue about that either – I'm a Malfoy, you won't win.

Harry shook his head – after more than three months of being friends with Draco, he knew the other boy was right. He wouldn't win the argument, and he liked to think that he was learning when to pick his battles.

Draco thrust a wrapped package into his hands as soon a he entered the Common Room.

"I know you've been thinking about writing the truth of the war to counter the pieces the Prophet comes up with. The journal's got inbuilt secrecy charms – no one will be able to read what you've written unless you give them explicit permission. I thought it might help in making sure Granger doesn't interfere in her misguided attempts to help," he said in a rush.

Harry grinned. Draco was so cute when he was nervous – not that he was ever going to say that out loud. Contrary to popular belief, he did not have a death wish.

Instead, all he said was "Thanks, Draco. I hoped you liked your present."

"I loved it. How did you manage to get a hold of those ingredients? Some of them are restricted materials – the Ministry won't let anyone other than registered Potions Masters buy them, and if your Potions grades are anything to go by, you're anything but a mater in Potions."

"Sometimes, being famous isn't all that bad," Harry replied with a smirk.

The two boys walked towards the entrance hole in a companionable silence. Before Draco could open the door, Harry, astounded at his own bravery, reached out and pulled him into a hug.

Holding Draco was like nothing he had ever experienced before. It may have been a cheesy and overused line, but in those few moments, he found what he seemed to have been looking for his whole life. A reason – a reason to exist. As much as loved his friends, it sometimes got extremely lonely when they paired up. But with Draco, all that disappeared. It was like – Merlin, why were clichés so true – like the world disappeared and it was only the two of them.

Before Harry reluctantly let go of Draco, he murmured, "You know what my answer will be, but for your sake, I'll keep quiet."

The pleased blush on Draco's face was definitely worth the smack Harry received to the back of his head.

The season winter is associated with the element earth. One of the most well known – and difficult – earth magics is runic magic. Other earth magics include…

Of the major holidays occurring during winter, Yule is the most famous. Samhain – popularly celebrated as Halloween – and Imbolc signify the change of the seasons. Samhain brings in winter as autumn recedes, and Imbolc signifies the end of winter, and entrance of Spring. Imbolc is associated with, among other things, new beginnings and cleansing of both the body and soul…

The first gift reached Harry in the middle of one of Ron's ranting sessions. He was rather pleased with the whole thing, because Ron was ranting about how Draco couldn't be trusted, and Harry didn't trust himself not to reach for his wand.

As soon as she saw the owl, Hermione put down the book she was reading and approached them.

"Is that the first one, Harry?"

"I think it must be," he replied, reaching for the small parcel and letter tied to the owl's leg.

"Well, open it mate! Let's see what the ferret's sent you – it'll probably be something dark, knowing him."

Harry just looked at him and sighed. "Are you sure you want to be here for this, Ron?"

"Of course I do! I need to protect my best mate from ferrets, don't I?" he answered indignantly.

Harry opened the letter first.


I could explain the necklace to you, but I have no doubt Granger will manage that. To make your life easier – you push yourself too hard, with both the rebuilding and your studies.

Do remember to wear it at all times.


"Bloody hell, he's trying to order you around now!" Ron exclaimed, reading the letter over Harry's shoulder.

"Ronald! Just let it go!" Hermione exclaimed, finally reaching the end of her patience. "Open the package, Harry."

The package held a delicate silver necklace in the shape of what Harry assumed was a rune. Before he could say anything, Hermione let out a shocked exclamation.

"I've read about those! It's a runestone – they're extremely difficult to make, and hold the properties of whichever rune they represent. That's one's Berkano. It represents Berchta, the birch-goddess. Among its many attributes is the promise of growth, mental, physical and personal. The necklace will make it easier for you to gain new knowledge or learn new things, and it will make physical challenges easier on your body."

Harry stopped listening to Hermione as soon as he registered what the necklace in front of him meant in conjunction with the letter. He doubted even Ron or Hermione had noticed that the constant strain on his body meant he was tiring more easily – it was extremely subtle, and he had taken some time to realize it himself. But Draco had – Draco had noticed it.

As Hermione continued on with her lecture, he slipped on the necklace, a warm feeling slowly spreading over his body.

It was the first of February, and most of the Gryffindor table was listening raptly to Hermione talking about the significance of the day.

One of the most unexpected results of the war with Voldemort had been the effect it had on convincing the rest of the wizarding world about Pureblood traditions. In order to prevent another Dark Lord from gaining followers the way Voldemort had done, the Ministry, along with McGonagall, had made knowledge of Pureblood traditions a part of the NEWTs , with the first class having started as soon as the Christmas holidays were done.

Draco's declaration had only increased the popularity of the class, especially among the boys. The conversations among the girls on how romantic Draco was being had quickly convinced them of the merits of this new idea. It helped that Hermione had been right when she was explaining the Courting Rituals to Harry – the old traditions were an extremely fascinating subject, even to those who didn't have Hermione's academic leanings.

And so it happened that, apart from the few purebloods in Gryffindor, everyone was actually paying rapt attention to Hermione's lecture on Imbolc for a change.

Harry's attention, however, was wandering. According to Hermione, today was the last day Draco had to give him the second of the two gifts to be given this winter, and he was keeping an eye out for eagle owls. Because of this, he nearly missed the fact that Draco was approaching him.

As he came closer, the rest of the table gradually grew silent. The last time this happened had been that fateful breakfast the day before Christmas, and the majority of Gryffindor had not been present. This time, they didn't intend to miss anything.

As soon as Draco reached Harry, he handed him a large, neatly wrapped package. Looking around at all the eyes on him, he bent down and murmured in Harry's ear, "these have calming potions in them. They'll make sure that you can have a good night's rest after the too many stressful days you seem to be having. I didn't give that necklace so that you push yourself even more, you know."

As soon as Draco started to walk away, what seemed like the entire house pounced on Harry at once.

"Can we please see what's in it, Harry?"

"Please open it here, Harry!"

"C'mon Harry, open it!"

Laughing, he held up his hands. "Okay, okay, guys, calm down. I'll open it right away."

The package held a large selection of home made creams, bath salts, pain potions, and assorted other items. They weren't expensive if bought, but it was obvious that Draco had made each of them from scratch. As the girls awwed and the boys looked slightly nauseous at the romantic gift (and a tad bit worried that they would be expected to do the same – Gryffindors weren't known for their excellence in Potions, mainly due to Snape's hatred of them), Harry let a sly smile take over his features. Just because he couldn't say or do anything romantic with Draco for the next year didn't mean that he couldn't send him gifts as long as there was a genuine reason. And Valentine's Day was just around the corner…he had to have a talk with McGonagall immediately.

A Year's Harvest, Chapter 2

Links to previous chapters: Chapter 1

Also written for the 52 weeks of writing challenge over at ff.net. for the prompt Textbook


Harry watched Malfoy's retreating form, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion and his jaw slack with awe.

'Did that really just happen? I think I might need you to pinch me, Mione.' He soon regretted asking, looking at Hermione's smug face. If he knew her, he knew what was coming…

'I told you so, Harry! I told you Malfoy had a thing for you! And what was that you told me – oh yes, there's no way Malfoy's interested in me, Hermione. He's so far above me that it's not even funny. I told you so.'

Harry sighed. He needed a way to distract her – and, of course, combined with the fact that there was something he hadn't quite understood in that declaration of Draco's – 'Hermione, what exactly did Draco mean by Yule Courting Rituals?'

'Oh! It's one of the Pureblood Courting Rituals – it's actually a very fascinating subject. There are a number of different Courting Rituals, each for a different situation. The one Malfoy has initiated is sort of a declaration of intent. Most of the other Rituals are a precursor to asking for a person's hand in marriage, but this one is what precedes Malfoy asking you out – you know, for dates. It's all very formal, don't you think? I mean even Muggles of the highest society don't have rituals for this kind of thing.' Hermione rambled on, caught up in lecturing Harry about the various courting rituals the purebloods had come up with.

'Hermione,' Harry interrupted, 'while this is all very interesting, I really just want information on the ritual Draco mentioned.'

'Oh, of course. I have a book about it in my room.' Hermione got up from her seat, grabbing a couple of croissants and eclairs to take along with her. 'I'll meet you in the Common Room, Harry.'

It was then that Harry noticed that their conversation had not gone unnoticed. Almost every face in the Great Hall was pointed towards him, shock etched on each one. "Yeah, let's get out of here," he muttered.

Harry had just managed to reach the Common Room when Hermione came bounding down the stairs of her dorm, an enormous old-book held in her arms.

'Here it is,' Hermione pointed to a chapter in the book, Purebloods for the Muggleborn, 'the chapter we're looking for, page 425.'

Harry bent his head to read along with Hermione.

The Yule Courting Rituals are unlike other more formal courting rituals, as they simply precede the request to meet someone informally. This particular Ritual lasts for a year, and traditionally starts at Yule Time (Christmas). Under these courting rituals, the initiator presents the recipient four presents per season, and a number of presents equal to the recipient's age the next Yule – or Christmas. The seasonal presents are traditionally drawn from either the elements (for more information on the elements and their symbolism, see Chapter 1), or symbols associated with the major festivals of each season (for more information on the traditional festivals, see Chapter 5) and are often given on popular holidays such as St. Valentine's Day and Easter. The final, age-numbered presents may be anything, but are traditionally presents that signify how well the gifter knows the recipient.

The traditional time to announce the commencement of the rituals is Christmas Eve. As such, the winter season is necessarily broken up. The first two winter presents are given after the announcement of the courting, and the third and fourth presents are given the following year, before the end of the rituals.

The book continued to detail other intricacies of the rituals depending on who the initiator and the recipient were, but Harry had already reeled back, shocked.

'Wow, he didn't choose something simple did he?' Hermione commented.

But another thought had quickly begun to form in Harry's head. 'Why did he need to initiate the rituals with me, Mione? Surely just simply asking me out would have worked just as easily?.'

'Malfoy was actually very smart in announcing his intention to court you before asking you out. Don't you realise the position you're in, Harry?'

'What position?'

'You're the Man-Who-Lived, remember?' Hermione had a pitying look on her face. 'If Malfoy had simply asked you out, he would have been accused of trying to use you for his own gains, to return the name of Malfoy as respectable, things like that. He would have had to face a lot of bad press before people would even think about letting it go. But by initiating the rituals, Malfoy's proved that he's serious – that he's not just using you. No one who knows the reputation of the Malfoy family would imagine that he would initiate one of the old Courting Rituals if he didn't mean it – the family's just too proud of their heritage to do that, even with their side defeated. By doing this, he has almost erased the possibility of bad press when your relationship comes into the public eye.'

'But is there a particular way for me to reply to him? What am I supposed to do now?'

'Don't you read, Harry? It's written right there, in black and white, waiting for you to see it!' she fixed him with an exasperated glare. 'You're not supposed to do anything! Malfoy initiated it, and Malfoy will carry it out – you only come in after the last presents have been given. Malfoy will ask you out, and it's then that you have to make your decision. That's why the old rituals aren't used much these days – the initiator is expected to spend a lot of time and money on the recipient, without being sure of the outcome.' She suddenly looked at him knowingly. 'This should also satisfy you about his seriousness. If I know you, even his usage of the old rituals hasn't convinced you, but this should. The amount of time and money he's pledged to spend on you is ridiculous. He's expected to give you 35 presents by next year. And knowing Malfoy, they're not going to be cheap.'

Harry just gave her a sheepish smile. She'd just cleared the last of his doubts, and now, he just had to wait for the first present to come in.

A Year's Harvest, Chapter 1

'...and so I would like to welcome you all to a new year at Hogwarts. It is my hope that this year will be a…'

Harry quickly tuned out Professor McGonagall's welcoming speech. Listening to it brought back too many memories of seeing Professor Dumbledore standing at the exact same place, ending his speech with 'Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak.'

Instead, his attention had been captured by Malfoy, one tradition that seemed to continue on unbroken. It seemed that neither the revelation of Malfoy's intentions in sixth year, nor the war had rid Harry of his fascination with all things Malfoy.

This year, however, he was even more fascinating than usual. Even though he had lost the war, he still sat at the Slytherin table like he owned everything around him. Harry's testimony had kept both him and his mother out of Azkaban, and had secured a two-year probation at Malfoy Manor for Lucius instead of life in prison, which many had been clamouring for.

The eighth year students were going to complete their schooling over a period of two years, spending half of their time on actual lessons, and the half on helping to restore Hogwarts to its original glory. Those students who did not want to help restore their castle, but still wanted to complete their Hogwarts education would make up part of the seventh years. Harry had assumed that Malfoy would have opted to be part of this group - he wouldn't have blamed him if that had been the case. He could understand that for those students who had attended Hogwarts the previous year - and for Malfoy if particular - the school was a site of extremely painful memories.

Malfoy had, however, defied all expectations when he had decided to join Harry and his friends as an eighth year, and it was upon hearing that news that Harry had decided to try and have a cordial, if not friendly, relationship with him. After having to battle Voldemort continuously for the past seven years, Harry had had enough of fighting - he just didn't have the strength to renew his rivalry with Malfoy for another two years. The revelation that the eighth years would be sharing a dormitory and common room in one of the many forgotten areas of the castle only added to his motivation.

Hermione and Ron would say that it was his fascination with Malfoy which was the reason behind Harry's sudden desire for peace, but he knew that they were wrong.

The desire for relaxation was the only thing that compelled Harry to approach Malfoy and hold out a hand, with all the implications that went along with it. The slightly lost look on his face once he – the only eighth year Slytherin – had on his face once he moved away from his table had absolutely nothing to do with it. Nor did Harry's dual realisations of Malfoy's attractiveness and his own sexuality over the summer affect his decision in any way, whatsoever.
A couple of weeks later…

'Malfoy, d'you fancy a game of Quidditch? I'm booooored…' Harry whined.

It was surprising how much could change in a few weeks. Harry's decision to befriend Malfoy had been greeted with shock and disbelief from their peers, but once the other students realised the boys were serious, they quickly got bored with the idea and accepted that Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy could indeed be friends. With Ron and Hermione practically attached at the lip, Harry had started spending more and more time with his once nemesis, resulting in the quick formation of a close friendship.

It had surprised Harry, how quickly he and Malfoy had formed this new friendship. He had thought that seven years worth of rivalry would have taken a lot longer to get past, but it seemed that the powers of Quidditch, combined with a mutual disdain for watching Ron and Hermione snog could overcome even the most deeply entrenched childhood enmity.

'Yes, Potter, Quidditch sounds delightful. Thank Merlin you asked - if I have to watch Granger and Weasel exchange spit for another second, I think I'm going to puke. I'll just get my broom.' Malfoy quickly rose from the chair he'd been lounging in, and, after aiming one last look of disgust at Ron and Hermione, moved to the dorm to collect his broom and Quidditch robes.

Of course, his friendship with Harry did not, under any circumstances, mean that Draco's abrasive personality was completely erased.

As Harry walked to the pitch with Draco, he couldn't help but reflect on how drastically life had changed for him since Voldemort's death. Apart from the obvious lack of a crazed killer after him, he had managed to befriend Draco Malfoy of all people, and had come to terms with the fact that he liked boys. The latter was something he doubted he would have managed during he war – he was too focused on being as normal as possible.

But beyond all of that – he had realized that he didn't just find Draco extremely hot, he was genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship with him. He was good-looking, true, but he also had a biting sense of humour, cared deeply about those he was close to, and, most importantly, did not treat Harry as the Man-Who-Lived. To him, he was more Potter the Git than Harry the Saviour, and that was something he valued over everything else. No one had managed to treat him the same way after his victory apart from Ron and Hermione – even Ginny had returned to her star-struck phase. Draco's treatment of him was a rather welcome change.

All of that made for one very sexy boy, dangling right in front of him, and Harry didn't even know if Malfoy was any way inclined to reciprocate his feelings! It was enough to make Harry permanently sexually frustrated – and also accounted for most of the cold showers used in the boys' bathrooms.

He was slowly falling in love with Drcao Malfoy, and he had no idea what to do about it.

By the time Christmas came about, Harry had decided that there was no chance in hell that he would ever get the chance to have a relationship with Draco Malfoy. He had accepted his role as the best friend some time ago, and though Ron and Hermione knew of his infatuation, he had absolutely no intention of revealing his feelings to Draco.

He, along with Draco and Hermione had decided to stay at the castle over the holidays. Ron was returning to the Burrow to spend the first Christmas without Fred with his family, and though both Harry and Hermione had been invited, neither had felt comfortable intruding on what woud undoubtedly be an emotionally-charged holiday.

Harry was spending much of his time moping over the fact that Draco was never going to love him back. Hermione had long since grown tired of hearing his self-pity, especially since she had been insisting that Draco had it just as bad for him as Harry did for Draco, and that it was obvious to everyone except him.

Harry had no doubt that Draco had caught onto his feeling for the blonde by now – he wasn't stupid – but there was absolutely no way that his feelings were reciprocated. If they were, he had no doubt that Draco would have said something by now.

So it was a shock to Harry when Draco approached the Gryffindor table during breakfast on Christmas Eve, and announced to everyone present, 'I, Draco Lucius Malfoy, do announce the initiation of the Yule Courting Rituals towards Harry James Potter.'

He offered Harry a soft smile and, looking at the gob-smacked expressions of everyone around him, walked out of the Great Hall, his head held high.

Jan. 2nd, 2013

Prompt Tables Masterlist

Table 7, Dark. Harry Potter General Series
Table 3, Occasions. Harry/Draco

Master Table
Individual Prompt Tables

Second 12_stories Table!


01.Spring.02.Summer.03.Autumn (Fall).04.Winter.
05.Christmas.06.New Year.07.Valentine’s Day.08.Thanksgiving.

FOR 12_stories

Jan. 1st, 2013

A Life Fully Lived

FOR:12_stories nd hd_smoochfest
PAIRING: Draco/Harry
GENRE: Drama, Romance
TABLE: Table 7 - DARK
RATING: T / Not suitable for under 15
SUMMARY: Life in post-war Britain, under Minister-for-Life Harry Potter
WARNINGS: Dark!Harry, Sexual themes
NOTES: Ignores DH and the death of Sirius
DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter and its characters belong to the Queen. I just like to play in her sandbox from time to time :)

I used one of the unclaimed prompts from hd_smoochfest 2012 to write this story. The original prompt was:
Time Period Post DH, EWE
Place: Wizarding World
Object/Word Prompts: "I have read the Evil Overlords List, you know." the Beloved Minister-For-Life Potter, the ends justify the means,
Action: he only one Minister-For-Life Potter truly trusts is his Tactical Adviser Malfoy. Frustrated with the Ministry's inability to affect lasting change (rights for magical creatures, early Muggleborn integration, preservation of wizarding culture, etc) Harry begins to use his name and power as the Saviour of the Wizarding World to reform the world into what he wants.
Squicks/dislikes Unequal relationships, infidelity, exclusive topping/bottoming, BDSM
Preferences/Other Notes: t can be about Harry and Draco's meeting and rise to power, or an established couple dealing with a crisis in a post-"Reformation" era. Feel free to modify the prompt as desired. I just want a post-DH Dark!Harry and Dark!Draco who are balanced partners who enforce their view on the Wizarding World and live happily ever after (a la TVTrope's Unholy Matrimony).

If the original prompter happens to see this, I hope you like it!

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